At SLTC we strive towards ‘Excellence in Teaching and Learning’. This is what every university strives to achieve but may not be easily accomplished as many challenges that university lecturers face can remain unresolved due to the lack of planned lecturer support and training.

At SLTC, we adopt a scientifically proven methodology to reach Excellence in Teaching and Learning. We review teaching challenges at SLTC and resolve these through supporting our lecturers to individually identify these challenges and to improve their teaching methods using methodologies that leading internationally recognised universities are adopting to bring about Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

To facilitate, we conduct teaching development courses for our lecturers which incorporate regular weekly discussion sessions to review best teaching practices that are used internationally. By using these professional development methods our lecturers are trained to incorporate a variety of modern teaching methods into their own teaching and to bring about excellence in their teaching and in student learning.

In this way, our lecturers become trained to practice the belief that when Teaching and Learning are excellent, their students will develop not only the knowledge in the subjects they learn, but also develop what are called “21st Century Skills”. This teaching approach where there is constant interactive engagement between the lecturers and students has been recognised internationally and has been adopted at SLTC, though it is missing in many other universities. By using this unique approach, SLTC takes pride in helping our students to develop the work-readiness that is required for them to be gainfully employed in today’s world, where a greater emphasis is increasingly being placed on skills. Using this Excellence in Teaching and Learning approach in every-day teaching, SLTC students will be recognised and sought after as an exceptional and committed human resource in the modern work place.

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